I have only been raising winged creatures since the beginning of 2009, this time. I had several breeds of chickens about 25 years ago. Mostly just playing and for the eggs. This time, I want them for meat and eggs; and possibly to sell a few at different trade days. I have a few chickens just for eggs. My turkeys are for eggs to hatch. I have a pair of Red Bronze and a pair of Bourbon Reds, at least they were suppose to be. The Tom, maybe, but the hen, I don't think so. However, they should make pretty poults. I also have a Naragansett Tom and hen. One tom graced the table. My first turkey to dress, did not do too bad. I discovered he had a lot of fat under the skin on the breast. Don't know if that is common or if he was just too fat. He dressed at 10.5 lbs. A bit on the small size. Don't know if that is the case with this particular breed, More than enough for my family. I thought he was quite tasty. He was less than a year.