I finally did it,
I have been reading great information from BYC for years. The least I could do would be to offer our trial and error information. We live in central Fl.in our home we have my sweet chicken coop building husband, our 21 year old son,that visits the chickens when he wants a new girlfriend to say how sweet,our 18 year old daughter that graduates in a couple months and is always on the go,then there's the two little ones the ones that do all the hard work. Day is 11 and Drist is 8 they are the real chicken girls not just when they are cute but through the good the bad and the chicken poooo...on a little less than one acre we have 15 mature RIR we breed
,a trio of dark Brahmas,Americanas,golden seabrights,white,black,buff,cochin bantams,frizzle,sizzle and silkies for fun.We started with one hen and after a year we got a rooster.We have ordered from a couple of hatcheries and have incubated. We are with out a doubt chicoholics and are addicted to the chicanality and charm of our Back yard chickens.