I didn't realize I had a page, so now that I've found it, I guess I better get on it. I just got chickens this past spring (2010) and have become a Chick-a-holic. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these birds. There's nothing quite like sitting in the coop in the evening when they've come in to roost and just listening to them sleep. It's so utterly calming and peaceful. When I bought my chicks I thought I bought Ameracaunas, Plymouth Rocks, Wyandottes and a couple of Rhode Island Reds. WELLLLLL, I have some Ameracaunas, a couple Wyandottes and as far as I can tell no RIR's and maybe a I got a Rock or 2, not sure. It appears I somehow also got a Chantecler Rooster, but since they weren't off ering those for sale I think he just snuck on the bus!
I've enjoyed the first bunch so much I got 25 more chicks, Ameracaunas and Rocks for the eggs and because they're so fun to look at, I got 2 Black Cochins and 4 White Tufted Polish. These guys are all still in the baby tub, only a couple weeks old.
We had 2 geese and 2 ducks, but haven't had a good year with water fowl. I'll make some adjustments and try again next year.

We have Arabian and 1/2 Arabian Pintos, 1 stallion, 1 colt, 2 geldings & 5 mares. I'll post pics of the whole menagerie when I get a chance.