May 27th 2010
Me ~ Stacy, 31, Med Tech
Fiance ~ Glenn, 36, IT Tech
Son ~ Cayleb, 6 yrs
Son ~ Hunter, 17mos
Son ~ due Sept. 25th 2010

My chicken journey actually began as a desire to own chickens several years ago. I had never owned chickens but used to manage a horse farm and really preffered living in the country to the suburb I ended up in to stay close to family. I kept saying I wanted them, but that's as far as I got until Spring of 2010. After being more and more disgusted with the way chickens were kept and treated by the food industry, I decided it was time to add chickens to my "going green" campaign. I did some research on BYC and brought home my first 4 chickens on May 20th. They are EE that were born on May 9th. I set them up in a plastic rubbermaid brooder and immediately fell in love. Only one problem... there are soon to be 5 of us living here (me, my fiance', my 2 sons and a third boy due in Sept.) I can't possibly only have 4 chickens. So on the 24th I went back and picked out chick #5, and Amerileg chick born on May19th. On the 25th I decided they needed a bigger brooder so I built a 4'x2'x2' box on wheels with 2 perches and a ladder. The chicks were thrilled. My evenings that I don't work are now spent sitting with the chicks, which is very relaxing. I pet them while I watch tv and on commercials I switch them out so everyone gets a turn.
Here are the pics of my babies :

1 week old

2 weeks old