Check it out I made the news papers! Me and the hubby, always causing drama!
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Fall 2010
Wow what a summer it has been! We started out this spring with just our 7 laying hens and now we are up to 10 hens and a rooster, plus the 6 ducks. In addition, we now have a pygmy goat buck, an Alpine goat buck, a hair sheep ewe, a Shetland sheep ewe, and a Shetland sheep ram. Then we managed to find a nice Old Spot sow that is about a year old and we purchased a Tamworth/Old Spot cross boar who is only a few months old to breed with her next year. So now we will have wool, meat and eggs all from our own animals! I have even started a website
Speaking of meat, our ducks.... they have got to go! They are just to messy to keep over the winter, so with the help of a neighbor I am going to butcher them and put them in the freezer. I don't eat store bought meat, so it will give me something to eat besides veggie burgers.

Spring 2010
This year we decided to get ducks, but when we went to tractor supply to get the ducks we saw that they had Black Australorps so we ended up with 2 White Pekins, 4 Mallards, & 6 Straight Run Black Australorps.
One of the chicks died, but right now we believe we ended up with 2 boys and 3 hens. So we are trying to find a home for the extra roo. I still can't tell with the ducks though.

Ducks at 4-5 weeks taking a bath... in our bathroom tub.

Zorro! The roo we are keeping. He such a friendly little guy I hope stays that way.

My Girls (born spring 2009)
I have 6 Golden Comets & 1 Rhode Island Red hens.


The Rhode Island Red Hen, she is such a good girl.

The girls when I first brought them home Spring 2009

My Arch-nemesis