Amy's Barnyard

My name is Amy and I have geese, ducks, chickens, turkeys, and goats. I started raising my own birds about 5 years ago and since then my birds have been my addiction :) I spend most of my pay check making them happy :D

I have 5 geese that I love! I have 2 toulouse, 2 white chinese and 1 brown chinese. The 2 toulouse are Hulk and Myst. The brown chinese is Ironman! The white chinese have not been named yet.

I have 2 Royal Palm turkeys, Penny and Tommy. They are both great birds and beautiful

My favorite out of all my birds would be my 11 Welsh Harlequin ducks. I got them from Holderreads and I absolutely love them all :) I have 5 silver phase hens and 3 golden phase hens. I really like the golden ones but the silver ones are my favorite. And I have 3 welsh harlequin drakes.

And my chickens are kinda just whatever I thought was pretty lol. I have 1 apenzeller spitzenhauben rooster (Satan), one silkie pair, 1 polish hen (Hattie), 1 salmon favorelle hen (Salmon), 1 jersey giant hen (Mary), 1 japenese/auracauna mix hen (Jappy), and 3 babies from Jappy and Satan. Not sure if the babies are male or female though. They were kind of an accident. I just brought home 5 millie fleur d'uccle. One roo and 5 hens. I also just got 6 new polish chickens (2 roos and 4 hens), a cochin (Margie), an auraucana, and a chicken that I'm not sure of the breed. Just beautiful :)

I just brought home 5 ducks from a fellow BYCer. Very pretty birds. A trio of Khakis and 2 Golden 300s. They are with my goats and my millies.

And I have 2 cute little female goats named Charlie and Roxie. Charlie is a nigerian dwarf/pygmy and Roxie is a pygmy.

I also have 3 cats (Shane, Yoda, and Lee) and an amazing dog named Roger :)

I always love helping people with hatching, raising and taking care of their birds. And I could talk for hours about my birds :) or about birds in general lol

I was in FFA and 4H. I competed in livestock judging, poultry judging, and forestry while in FFA. I showed horses and poultry while in 4H.

Well those are all of my critters and my page :) hope you enjoyed!