Why Hallo THAR!,
My name is Briar, yes Briar, like the bush?, ha ha ha..ok, thats enough!, I don't make fun of YOUR names do I?!. NO!

Anywhoosers, I am 19 years old and reside in the wonderious, if not someone boring state of Virginia, wich is only slightly MORE boring than where I used to live, West virginia.
I live with my wife, Rebecca and her mother,sister, and her mothers husband, we are planning to move out very soon though, we have a house, just needs to be fixed up.
Rebecca and I are expecting our first baby together, her due date is September 13th, but you know how babies are, she'll come when she feels like it.
Our babies name is Bailey Juniper, possibly Juniperlynn, she is already my pride and joy, I think every day about how theres something who's half me, half Becca currently residing in her belly

we have many many "kritters", to start with we have 6 dogs, 2 pit mixes, Winni and Sidney, 2 pomeranians, Tito(froto-toto), and Ivan (stupid-dumb-pain-in-the-arse), a chicken-killin' cocker spanial, Dino, and a throw-rug..er, I mean, Pekinese who just happens to be old,blind,deaf, and doesn't do anything but pee on stuff and run into walls, Molly.

we have 13 cats currently, 3 indoor kitties are Keebler, Jasmine, and Sushi. the outdoor cats are Presley, Ozzy, Tyler,Oliver,homicidal-mc.homicide..errrr, what I meant was, her names Karina,Grizzly,Graci,Sicily, and Pasta, the last four are all blood related.

we have a pot-belly/duroc mixed piggy named Sophie, 2 rabbits, an alittle over a year old Holland lop, and an older Flemish Giant with ear problems.

we have a ton of chickens,right now over 30 hens, and 8 mature roosters, most of them are auction mutts, but theres lots of pure-breds too, wich when kept with other breeds makes..mutts

I currently have 20-something ducks that are strictly mine, those include 4 mallards, 3 of wich are standard, one is crested, 4 pekins, 2 crested, 2 not, a magpie, a blue swed. 2 runners, a pekin/blue swed mutt. 3 call ducks, a cayuga, 2 call duck/mallard mutts, a runner/mallard mutt, and a pekin/blue swed/mallard mutt.

we have NO problem whatsoever with broody or pregnant anythings around here, so at any given time during the spring and summer, there will always be baby chicks/ducklings, maybe some kittens.

this is where me and alot of people clash,people think that just because you let a cat or dog or whatever have babies your an animal abuser, hey they do that kinda stuff all the time in the wild.

out of our 13 cats, 6 of them are altered, the 3 indoor cats, 2 tom-cats outside and a queen outside, all of our dogs are altered, and hell, even our PIG is spayed.
so no, we don't just let things run around having babies willy nilly, if that were the case, I'd have had pig babies, and puppies all over the place along time ago!.

I work at mc. donalds because I was an idiot and dropped out of school in 10th grade, I failed twice and said enough as enough, all of my friends were moving on, and I wasn't, i couldn't bare that thought.

I never did any kind of drugs, never drank, never smoked, never partied, never dated or had sex, none of that growing up, i was a very...passive person, none of that ever really interested me, my life was, and still is devoted to my family and my pets.

Thats been alittle insight into my little life on our "farm" I hope you've enjoyed reading!