Hi, I have two khaki campbell ducklings and 2 cayuga ducklings aged about a week, and I'm looking for some advice on better bedding to use for them. Currently I use a towel, but they muck around ALOT and I am having to clean it three times a day. I love them and I know that this may just be and have to be because suckling are messy so Idon't mind doing it, but is there a different bedding I can use for them other than straw that isn't harmful? I would like to use the kind of material that you can scoop the poops out with a cap litter scoop with, (I believe this is shavings) but is this harmful?

I also have some water issues with them as they splash their water ALL AROUND and right now I have tried to stop it by putting medium sized rocks in their waterer (is the right kind, duckling pre-made sized) but it i s till getting messy, but it isnt really working although it has helped. I have the waterer on a small cookie pan with raised edges, along with a face towel on top of that. But the face towel is getting soaked and yucky and I have to clean that three times a day also! I have heard that a good way to fix this is putting VERY small-interval wiring over the pan so that the water goes through is this true?

please help me! Thanks so much, Liana