We were camping and decided to stop at a Fruit stand - my husband saw chickens and then the farmer re-directed us to the ducklings. 20.00 later we were now duck owners didn't have a clue. Now we have a very nice sized duck coop and fenced in pen and are happy to call it Duck Manor.

1 Muscovy her name is bacon she is sweet as pie and just loves to fly on my roof when we let her out
1 Pekin His name is Sunshine we thought she was a girl until mating came and we discovered she is a he! He is the underdog in the group.
1 Rouen named Reeses somehow we always new he was a boy very macho and dominant over all.
1 Mystery duck the farmer told us she was a Cayuga but she clearly is not one. She is loud and loves to go in the pool.
The ducks will be one this May!
We have experienced the highs and lows of duck ownership. The highs are not having to buy chicken eggs from the market since last August, watching them play, and observing their wacky behavior. The lows - The cold winter months and still having to get out there to feed and give them water and clean their pen out. The roof leaking it being redone and still leaking, the mating rituals that sometimes are hard to watch due to feather plucking and submerging head in water. The fights my two females seem to be having over nesting areas, the cleaning, the worry.
Overall the ducks are doing well my Muscovy made it through the winter which was my worry all along. The heat lamp and house my DH made worked great!
They love to go out in the yard and graze, they love when I pull weeds, and they love the pool being filled up :) They are cute!