Now why didnt I start this months ago phew that s much better even I can read this. so how did it all start ? How can an innocent trip to the feed store.. so many months back . . the six chicks and five turkeys
... how they used to tattle on each other .. and cry when they lost the flock. Oh the days when I only had under 12 birds total.
My neighbor is moving so he told me I could have his birds.. a couple of roosters and two hens.. he s had a problem his flock keeps dwindling . I told him put his birds in cages at night. Well i tried catching the roo one day OMG I m way too old for this.. berrie bushes cypress tree branches.. barking dog.. I still have the scraps from the berry bush and the gouge on my knee .. barbed wire brought back days of my youth.. never got caught then now im 53 ouch darn it and tore my favorite pair of jeans.. So his son is like 6 and I told him I d pay him to catch the hen and rooster.. That youngin had wings himself he ran under the branches flew over the fences . YOUTH omg I doubt if i could even catch Joshua.. Tell you what that was the best five bucks I ever spent... with in 30 minutes i had birds and he had 12 bucks.. He looked at me and asked me, "do you like animals"? I looked up and said jokingly no why .... He says,"how many chickens do you have and ducks and geese and turkeys.." ? okay so he got me and I had to sit and count..
Now it is only my husband and two dogs... so could I get away with saying I have them so we can eat fresh eggs?. no. it always starts with one...... 20 ..... 35 oh my where did all these birds come from.. 46 ...... It is true I do rescue birds.. like the time I told Carl .. hun we need to go see what this lady has.. he says of course...... What do you mean? Well babe Im not sure .. she has some ducklings and geese that the feed store says she is giving away.. So see here is my catch.. but honey I m not paying for them.. we ll just go look and see what she has... 25 minutes later we are driving home with 8 ducklings and 8 goslings. Yep that s how it started ..then the man who had too many drakes... and the Chinese goose who lost her mate to a coyote... ONk ONK ONK she only knows one word ....ONK and the volume is beyond ten .... gotta love her... or do I.. of course I do..
So I ordered my flock for next year RIR one roo and five girlies the same with Delewares Orpingtons my Americana that some how i have three different roos the shes that turned into hes and crowed. But I do have a dozen or more Americana hens and pullets..
What i offer to the community is low cost pullets and ready for coop birds.. tame and ready to be loved just add food water and lots of love..
One day a lady was trying to reach me.. and of course called Carl s phone.. yes the greatest husband in the world. ... the conversations went something like this.. Hi this is Summer is Leslie there....... busted.... I have a rooster she said she d take... Carl...* oh no she s not taking any more roosters.. Summer ... well she must of changed her mind she told me to come by and I was just calling to say we are on our way... thus Chaz came into our life her other crowing hen .. Frankie who was Mother goose hen .. hey thats what five year olds name their birds.

Okay I ll count them .. Odin Thor Frankie Chaz Daisy Duke.. yep rescue she crowed Tom Bad bad Leroy One hung low.. uneven waddles.. Robbie Kellog s he man joshua Jim still with me and six more to be name.. later and these are just my boys.. oops Sir Lancelot ....thats it.... oh I forgot one.. the one i picked up today We live on the west coast and the family is moving to the east coast.. so 12 more birds came home today.. so the answer to the little boys question.. NO I do not like animals... I love them..
and to top this off.. We havent even talked about our ducks yet.....