My name is Leslie and I have a wonderful family of three children Nevaeh age 6, Tommy age 4, and Melissa age 2. I am 24 years old and my husband Jeff is 28. We have been married for 3 wonderful years and recently discovered our love for chickens. We have buff orpingtons, Black Giants, 2 rhode island red bantams, three rhode island reds, 5 blue laced red wyandottes, a blue andolugion, barred rocks, ameracaunas, white leghorns, silver laced wyandotte, a couple of red stars, and a columbian wyandotte. I think that about sums it up maybe. We also have two albino geckos and two puppies one is boxer mix very beautiful outside dog and the other is a inside dog pug pekingese mix. All the chickens are not at our house but we have them here and at his parents. We are currently incubating eggs which will be mutts but they will be my mutts and they are so far precious. I love them!! I hope you enjoy chickens as much as we do and thank you for reading!!!

My wonderful husband My lil princess My precious kids Nevaeh Our 3month old puppy our pound puppy bella beautiful
Jeff Melissa and Tommy nubins born with no tail boxer/mix

nubins passed out on the computer!!!