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Dutchiewannabes Member Page

  1. DutchieWannabe
    8/18/10 My name is Heidi, I'm trying to figure out this blog thing...... I have 4 ladies, we originally started with three chicks at Easter, one was a Roo and had to go because of Urban Zoning :( . I bought two new ladies when they were 4 months old. I am having so much fun caring for these chickens! who knew????
    8/25/10 Added a few pics.... I have had them for 5 months or so and Im still trying to pick out names!


    Adding pics of my ghetto fabulous freecycle coop, I am now renovating and winterizing.. so it will look better in days/months to come

    This view is from my back yard to our side yard, dear Husband built a little fence, to the left will be my berry patch, and the coop/shed in the back. Next summer I have plans to build a lattice and let honey suckle grow to help keep the coop cool in the sizzling summer!
    Inside views to come after my winterizing renovation!

    Nov 4, 2010

    I love taking pictures of my eggs.... the bounty of my hard working ladies!


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