We are brand new to raising backyard chickens! We have a small flock of three Brahmas.

My family includes my husband, two cats, one dog, our three hens and since I work for our local SPCA, we also foster kittens in our spare room upstairs (so we can't forget them in our family list!)

Raising chickens is important to us. We're blessed to live in an area where we can raise a backyard flock. I am happy to know that the eggs we eat are raised humanely, and hopefully able to share them with friends and neighbors!
We just built our little coop over Easter! A huge thanks to my dad and grandfather from Michigan!


Me My ladies (from L to R): Mother Clucker
(which was a naming opportunity we
couldn't pass up), Ruby, and Drama Queen Jolene

Our little woodland coop

Our little woodland coop