Easter Eggers Barred Black Olive Eggers

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    Easter Eggers
    BARRED BLACK OLIVE EGGERS Created by hipeatall
    Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed:

    I think Olive Egger Chickens are just a wonderful mixed breed of chicken. They are created by crossing Dark Brown Egg Layers (like Marans, Welsummers, Barnevelder, Empordanesa and Penedesenca) and Blue Egg Layers (like Ameraucanas, Araucana and Easter Eggers). The Olive Eggers egg color can be varying shades of green, khaki, olive green, dark mossy green and deep olive green. They are a beautiful addition to any egg basket! I just LOVE my Barred Black Olive Egger Flock!





    Description / Information

    Here is a picture of a few of our Barred Black Olive Egger Chicks when they were just 1 day old.​


    Here is a picture of one of our Barred Black Olive Egger Hens. This gal is ready for her close-up! As you can see, she is a very curious and fearless girl. All of our OliveE hens have very sweet dispositions and they always come running to greet us when t​


    Our Barred Black Olive Egger Rooster, "Popeye". He is very respectful of me and his ladies... as you can see, he's got his eye on me in this picture.​

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  1. PalmHen
  2. EdenCamp
    With Marans my understanding is that when both roo and hen are mated the eggs are darker than if another roo is used. Do you find this to be the case with your olive eggers?
    Does Popeye influence the egg color if non-olive egger hens bred? Thanks!
  3. gamechickens
    do you sell chicks

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