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Easter Tetris Contest

By thebirdguy · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. thebirdguy
    Mahonri's 2nd Annual Easter Hatch
    Pictures of your incubator stacking prowess need to be posted by April 9th at noon MST

    Pictures must be of this hatch

    I'll get a couple of people to help me judge...

    Prize will be a digital copy of Standard Perfection Poultry Book by C.C. Shoemaker copyright 1902


    Mahonri 1588 [​IMG]
    Greengoddess [​IMG]
    Greengoddess [​IMG]

    Tazcat70 [​IMG]

    Chookschick [​IMG]
    Debiraymond [​IMG]
    TheBirdGuy [​IMG]
    dsqard [​IMG]
    Karimw [​IMG]
    marathonmultiplesmom [​IMG]

    GoneHomeGrown2 [​IMG]
    minihorse927 [​IMG]

    minihorse927 [​IMG]

    elieugene6 [​IMG]

    elieugene6 [​IMG]

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