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Easter Tetris Contest

  1. thebirdguy
    Mahonri's 2nd Annual Easter Hatch
    Pictures of your incubator stacking prowess need to be posted by April 9th at noon MST

    Pictures must be of this hatch

    I'll get a couple of people to help me judge...

    Prize will be a digital copy of Standard Perfection Poultry Book by C.C. Shoemaker copyright 1902


    Mahonri 1588 [​IMG]
    Greengoddess [​IMG]
    Greengoddess [​IMG]

    Tazcat70 [​IMG]

    Chookschick [​IMG]
    Debiraymond [​IMG]
    TheBirdGuy [​IMG]
    dsqard [​IMG]
    Karimw [​IMG]
    marathonmultiplesmom [​IMG]

    GoneHomeGrown2 [​IMG]
    minihorse927 [​IMG]

    minihorse927 [​IMG]

    elieugene6 [​IMG]

    elieugene6 [​IMG]

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