My backyard chicken set-up.

Two coops next to each other.

Two coops separated.

The smaller coop holds up to 4 birds and the larger coop holds 9.

The small one was built with pallet material with shingle roofing. It was my first. Based on the numbers from my research, it was supposed to hold 6. Well, we found that 4 was the most, especially during storm when they had to stay in-door. So, I collected more material and built a larger one.

The walls are made with 2x2 frames with whatever wood covering available. The roof rafters are 2x4 with plywood and asphalt shingles on the small coop, and aluminum on the larger coop. The floors have 2x3 frames; the small coop has painted plywood and the larger coop has an old Formica counter top. Both coops are designed so the roof sections are removable. When removed, each component can be picked up and carried by 3 or 4 people.

Love the Formica flooring and the metal roofing.

The run is formed with 3x6 panels with 2x4 welded wire fabric. It is a modular design that can be assembled to various combinations. At the moment, it is 6x12x3h with the 4 removeable top panels.
Almost all building material are scrap and reclaimed. The most costly out-of-pocket items are the screws.

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