My name is Ed and I am in SE Alabama near a town called Slocomb
I am originally from NYC and am trying to get back to basics. I just started this spring on a mini farm thing. There is about 2 acres that will be used. I have another acre that can be used if need be. I currently have alot of chickens(over 100), 4 pigs, 5 dogs, 23 turkeys, 2 step kids, and a wife. I have my vegetable garden with 4 rows of corn, 3 rows of red potatoes, 1 row of tomatoes, 1 row of Lima Beans, and 2 rows of onions. There will be more added as time permits. I work nights which gives me plenty of time to tend to the animals and garden during the day. I have about 8 pecan trees that produce really well, alot of blueberry bushes, strawberry patch, fig trees that put out softball size figs, a lemon tree, orange tree, lime tree, and 3 tangerine trees. I am so glad to have found this site with all of you wonderful people that are always willing to help.