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Are those eggs yours? No, but they may be one day! I got pictures of eggs off the web and arranged them.
What breeds are those? Clockwise, starting with the white:
1. Leghorn
2. Light brown layer, like Barred Rock
3. Medium brown layer, like Rhode Island Red
4. Marans
5. Cross between 4 and 8
6. Cross between 3 and 8
7. Cross between 2 and 8 (typical Easter egger)
8. Ameraucana or Araucana
Are there any other chicken egg colors out there? I've heard light brown eggs described as pink or yellow. Araucana eggs occasionally tend towards purple. I've heard that some South American landraces lay orange eggs, but haven't been able to find a picture, so it may only be a 'colorful' description of medium brown.
What genes control egg color? There is one blue egg gene that I know of. It's dominant, which is why crosses of a blue egg layer will usually give a green egg. There are many brown egg genes, some giving more yellow tones, others reddish tones. Leghorns have a 'brown suppressing' gene and have been used in breeding programs to make whiter or bluer eggs.​