[FONT=times new roman,times]Hi my name is Cristina. I've had chickens for almost three months now and I'm totally hooked. I've always been a city girl with a yearning for the country. Then about a year ago I bagged myself a country boy with two acres. We are in the beginning stages of building our small homestead. Currently we have a garden that is a complete failure this year and about twenty chickens. It was quite a challenge in the beginning. We had tragedy within the first 24 hours when one of our dogs discovered how much fun chickens were. In the past 12 weeks I've aready buried two girls, splinted a foot, treated a neck wound, treated one adopted laying hen with a clipped beak for lice, wiped pasty butts, and have an ongoing uphill battle with bumblefoot on an adopted orpington/brahma cockerel. I would have to say he is my favorite because we spend so much time together getting pedicures. [/FONT]
But on not so good days I can go home from work do my chicken related duties then sit on the deck relax and watch them free range or try to keep from getting mugged for bread and mealworms... and it is all worth it!
Chicks from my very first hatch!!!