Since my last post, I have been busy working on hen that thinks she is supposed to lay her eggs from the roost. I tried putting a board up that blocks the hen from getting on roost. this worked fine until on Wed. I didnt get home until after dark so hens couldnt get on roost. Didnt think that was the right thing to do, because it might cause the other hens to get upset and they might stop laying. Then I tried putting another (temp) nesting box in the coop on the floor, thinking she might take to this nest, (didnt seem to be the answer). However my wife was reading me an article out of a chicken book she purchased at Lowes that was talking about keeping your coop clean and it said to make your roost removable so it would be easier to clean and BINGO it hit me that I could do that and then I could take the roost out early in the morning (before leaving for work) then put back in when I get home. Only took a few minutes to make the changes and presto, I think my problem is going to be solved.