I LOVE looking at other people'pages so I told myself I better get a move on and fill in mine or I will never do it. So here goes........My name's Caitriona, I'm from Ireland (nope I have never seen a leprechaun, I don't like Guinness and my hair isn't red......just thought I would squish those stereotypes straight away, sorry if I disappointed anyone!!)
I am 17!!!!! Almost a legal adult, then I will make you adults pay.......I live on a farm where we have Chickens (obvioulsy) one Cat (Lilac is her name......don't ask) 40 Sheep, 2 Goldfish and 4 monkeys (also refered to as my siblings) My mum is a city girl and HATES all farm releated topics, my dad grew up on a farm so you would like that would mean he loves animals......your wrong!!!
He keeps sheep because I make him, he doesn't know I own a cat or 2 fish and he4 categorically refuses to let me get a dog and seeing as it would be very hard to hide a dogs present I haven't as of yet smuggled one into the house. The Chickens again were my idea (I am going to study Veterinary Medicine once I get out of school) and we have just finished hatching our 2nd hatch!!! I loved every minute of it and plan to hatch as many as humaly possible!!!

I am not totally crazy but the balance is gradually being tipped into madness, please do not assume my youth is a disadvantage, I am trying to fuel my passion so please lend me your lighter fluid???
Bye for now!!!