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Coop criteria for me:
1. Predator proof
2. Durable
3. Easy to clean
4. I can build (assemble) it myself
5. I can move it myself (solo)
6. I can pack up the whole thing and take to someone's house to 'baby sit' while I am on vacation or traveling
7. Warm in winter, cool in summer
Like so many other Eglu owners, I am very pleased with the Eglu, the engineering, the ease of cleaning, the practicality. Chickens seem to like it too. Practical way out-weighs pretty or cute coop out here.

as of May 2012

Such a change from July---the last time I posted.....It is looking kind of bedraggled and junky too. So maybe I can clean up my act and next setup posting will be something attractive.

In the center is the Eglu Cube--It has an approximately 6-foot attached run made of weld mesh. It also has an 8" skirt on top of the ground. There are wheels for moving it. The attached run is covered by run shade--that is becoming very faded...just to show you how harsh the sun is. This is about the only location where I can rely on strong afternoon shade cast by the bulding that is out of the picture on the left. At present 4-hens, 1 cockerel and 1 pullet spend the night there. Probably this is at or above capacity and thus there is a nightly drama at dusk. The cube has wheels, and I can move it---but there isn't any good grass where there is dense shade that I can rely on. Shade is from now until the end of summer the most important thing for the chooks. It is getting in the 90's my Easter Eggers were especially panting today.

On the left foreground is a rabbit hutch. Although it isn't suitable for chickens IMO, it provides deep shade underneath and the chickens accumulate there as we all await the sun's transit to provide afternoon shade. A friend's EE rooster is staying with me at present...and he was confined to the rabbit hutch (emergency measures) until he recently got moved to the Eglu Go.

The Eglu Go is directly behind the Eglu Cube...and it has two run shades over an extended run, I think it is 9 feet or more long. The Go was my first coop/run chicken housing....and was perfect...for awhile..... and still provides good, safe shelter for chickens. I think when the EE roo is gone...I will move 3 chickens in there... I'm not sure they will approve...but I think that 6 birds is capacity for the Cube. Maybe Hester, Priscilla, and LIly will be relocated--but I have a feeling that they won't like it.

The Eglu Classic is partially visible beside the Eglu Cube...and behind the rabbit hutch. The Classic was the grow-out pen for my two newest additions. I have a tsmall bird conversion kit for it.... (Should I have a successful hatch from the eggs in the incubator, then the chicks will be able to go into the Classic and be safe.) Eglu says they can make the jump from the ground to the coop at about 10-days old

Surrounding this area is some netting fence. It is totally portable. In the photo above it is a bit bedraggled and covered with weeds. It could easily be realigned to look better...infact the whole thing could look better.....

I have lots of feeders, lots of waterers, oyster shell, egg shell, treats, grit, wading water..... The big molasses tubs are the poop dumps, and the fresh wood shavings...(nothing like convenience----) The waterer in the foreground is a 3-gallon.

Scooting away from the camera is Bebe. The white chicken inside the Cube run is Lily. Barely visible under the shade of the Eglu Cube is Robin. On the outside of the Cube run, having a conversation with Robin is Ice who is standing by the black tub. Tail-feathers at the very bottom of the photo in front of Bebe is one of my Barred Plymouth Rocks--- either Hester or Priscilla, and the other BPR is either even closer to the camera or in the Cube nest box laying her egg.

I guess they don't exactly get to free range....I got tired of cleaning poop from the porch and steps. What is interesting, is that when Bebe wants to, she flys out of the netting fence. I'm sure they all could get out..but I think that they stay in because they are pretty content. Only Hester and Priscilla have clipped wings, the others are on the honor system.

The Go I assembled solo, the Classic -- almost too easy to even say assembled, and the Cube a little more to the building, but the person due to help me assemble it didn't show up until about the last 5-minutes of assembly. The rabbit hutch, was pretty simple to build, however I got help from my dh and my niece.

The chickens seem pretty content---plenty of places to scratch, changes of scenery, different dust bath areas... I think that they actually like to relocate from one run to the other...and the space between the run of the Eglu Cube and the Eglu Classic, I call Diagon Alley (Did I spell that correctly HP fans?) I'm thinking the best immediate addition to the whole setup is a rusty metal table located someplace or other on the ranch--we used to use it for would be dense shade, and that is now a priority....

This is it in May, but I suspect there are changes on the wind to the whole set up................

(as of July 31 2011)-->

Added 3 meters to the existing run. That left 30% of the run unshaded. Not a good idea in this horrendous heat. Added the original runshade. The current setup still retains the reconfiguration that provides extra access to the run-- the 'hatch' is just ahead of where the two shades meet. (That's how the waterer can be that far back).

Got a used Eglu Classic plus run and shade. I love the shade of green that the Eglu has faded to. Now I have capacity for additional chickens.... uh oh.


My current Set up )--> This is where they hang out when they aren't free ranging-- or in their pen...(as of July 18 2011
  1. (showing pop-door) EgluGo
  2. for chix. I slid between weldmesh slats...just for chicken amusement. Not a bad idea---the execution could use some improvement.Perching stick
  3. "- hanging a little crooked from an S hook. Need to work on my symmetry. Poop free” waterer
  4. T to determine temps they are dealing with. We are very hot here...100F so I need to watch. Today;s heat-index 102. Heard that if a chicken hits 104 degrees mortality can result.hermometer
  5. that Eglu supplies with the Original Eglu--also available on their website. A larger flat-front waterer comes with the GO. Henrietta thinks it is a perch and then truns around and poops in the waterer. This switch has prevented that. Peanut-shaped waterer
  6. " made of stainless steel - one for each bird they are across the front of weldmesh, one in the swing out door. clip on the wire. They are from Jeffers Vet supply or My Pet Chicken, or both. Glad I got them. Three FEED "cage cups
  7. and crushed egg shells, I can tell at a glance that they have adequate calcium free choice.Cage cup filled with Oyster Shell
  8. . Move the Eglu & run almost daily---but not certain that there are really any decent pebbles in our grass--so once again-- free choice grit that I can see their supply at a glance. Cage cup filled with poultry grit
  9. -- solar powered LEDs that are photovoltaic and light up and flash at night to deter any predators. Gives me peaceSolar Night eyes of mind... I have one on every outward facing surface. They are magnetic (also have screw holes) Love 'em.
Thinking about getting a run extension --although they dig their own dustbath in the sandy soil, I also have one I insert.... the dirt goes everywhere. A little longer run would diminish that. Also--- thinking of a way to make a lifting lid out of part of the top of the run. ---the wheels are turning. 2011-07-18 Thanks to Christopher for motivating me to do some photography today.
YESSSS! Increased access to the run is Fabulous for setting up things for the hen's amusement and entertainment, and cooling, and care and maintenance. Whhheeee. I'm so glad that I did this! Here is how it was done: Thank you Henchanted (Barbara) for leading me to the good ideas for making it even more secure after the modification. 2011-07-19
Success! I have moved my Eglu & run to a new location, in the traditional way (lift the end by the access door, and drag---they are quite light and dragable) and the run modification caused no problems. With the run mod though, my "current set up" isnt really current. 2011-07-21