My Chicken Adventure
I am so excited to be the proud "mama" (is that allowed? :) ) to 4 sweet chickens. They are supposed to all be female. Two Buff Orpingtons, and two Barred Plymouth Rocks. I have had some question about the sex of the "Barred Rocks" because one has a slightly more developed comb. I really hope they are all female, as I live in the city limits and cannot keep a rooster, no matter how much i love the little guy.
First Pictures


Cathy, Crystal, Christina, and Ninja Chicken


Christina and Crystal

Crystal and Ninja

Christina and Ninja

4 Week Pictures
At about 4 weeks, I posted some pictures on the "Breed/Gender" section of the chicken forum, because of the differences I was noticing between Ninja Chicken and Crystal. I got some interesting comments stating that what were sold to me as "Barred Rocks" may not even be Barred Rocks at all!!! Here are the pictures I posted, as you can see, ninja's comb looks a bit pink at the base and is spikier than Crystal's, and their tails look different.

Crystal and Ninja

Ninja's comb at 4 weeks


Crystal's Comb at 4 weeks


Ninja "lookin' at you" and Crystal in the background

So, someone said they look like male black sexlinks. And said that if they're truly barred rocks, they're "very poorly colored hatchery barred rock's."
It's a good thing i love them too much to be offended! :D
I will post more as they grow.

Living Quarters
My amazing hubby is building the gals a fantastic coop. I am so pleased! And not a moment too soon, those girls are just getting too big for that brooder.

Here it is so far! still needs paint, shingles, a hinge for the nesting box, a chicken ramp, chickenwire and door for the bottom, and will be good to go!

3 of my ladies started laying at 24 weeks old. The 4th, Crystal (in front) has not yet laid, but perhaps within a week or 2 she will too. They're so pretty, and very friendly birds. And all my worries about having a male in the mix have been put to rest...