Hello Everyone! My name is Sarah, I am 14 and I live in Waxhaw, North Carolina. I breed and sell hedgehogs. My website is hedgehogs4u.com if you would like to check it out.
When I first got into chickens I decided I wanted to hatch some chicks from eggs. So I bought an incubator on eBay and 8 bantam silkie eggs. One of the eggs hatched and it was a splash silkie. He was so cute! We opened the incubator too much though...The other chicks were fully developed but since we opened the incubator the temperature go all messed up...
Sadly, 2 days after our splash slike hatched he went missing. We had him in my room in a safe cage. We had the door closed and both cats outside so we think that maybe a big snake got into our house and took him. There was no blood, feathers, or any signs of him. Only the bedding had been moved around and a litter water and grits had spilled. We didn't hear anything either that's why we though it was a snake. We searched the house for hours and the next day and still no sign of him. We eventually gave up.
A few weeks after that we decided we would just order some live chicks so we wouldn't have to go through the hatching process again. We orderd 10 chicks from Healthy Chicks and More. They got our order incorrect though and only gave us 4 out 10 of the breeds we had ordered and they were at least a week old, not less than 72 hours like they had said on their website. One of the chicks passed away 2 days after we got them. We ended up having 3 cockerals and 6 pullets so we gave one of the cocks to our neighbors. We had 2 pens so we put a cock in each pen with 3 pullets.
One night though a fox broke into the pens and got all of the chickens. He took 2 away and the rest were all torn up. By now we were thinking we didn't have much luck with chickens, but we wanted to try one more time, and do it right.
This time we ordered 7 chicks from Meyer Hatchery. The lady that took our order was very nice. We just got our chicks in the mail on July 29th. They wer much smaller than the other chicks we had ordered and we could tell these chicks were no older than 3 days. They were still wobbly and some still had their egg beak. They are all the correct breeds and sexes and we are very excited to have them. So far they are doing great and are very healthy and active. I would recommend anyone to order from Meyer Hatchery. You can order as little as 3 chicks too. We will definately order from them again!
I couldn't figure out how to put pictures on here but you can see my hedgehog pictures at hedgehogs4u.com
Have a nice day and happy chickening!