My BYC Page-KJM Designs.
I am an art student at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh-Online Division. I am studying Graphic Designs and am currently in my Senior year. I recent discovered Chickens thanks to this website and others. I am now the proud owner of too many chickens.I bought the Purebred Bantam mix from McMurray Hatchery. I lost quite a few chicks the first 2 days so I replaced them with 3 EE's and 2 California Whites.I received my Bantams on March 31st and got the LF's on April 1st. I plan to keep enough for eggs for us and use the cockerals for dinners. This is what I have kept-
2 California Whites- Spot and Tres (aka Spot’s Sister or SS)
2 Sultans (bantam) – Doo and Crooked Beak
1 Buff Brahma (bantam) – Bahama Brahma
3 Cornish (bantam) – Betty White, Redhead, and Dark One
We missed the coop contest but I am going to attach images of our version of Fort Knox. It is really heavy but so secure. And the birds love it.
I ordered new chicks this year and we are in the process of making a new and improved bigger coop. Now also have 4 Rocks, 3 Cochins, 1 Marans, 1 SLW, 1 Golden Laced Polish, 2 Blue Silkies, and 1 Bantam Frizzle Cochin
Thanks for looking at my page.