Hi! Please sign my petition about chickens in Wake Forest! If you know of anyone in Wake Forest who would be interested in signing this also, please foward it along to them! I hope to get more than 500 signatures before going to the town council with my proposal. If you would like to support me by attending the town council meeting once everything is ready, please leave me your information in the comments section, and I\'ll let you know when I plan to go! Thank you very much for helping Wake Forest join many of the more progressive cities and towns which recognize the need for a more sustainable urban landscape including household food production.
Updated 8-14-08 : Ok everyone - here's an update on the Wake Forest Saga!!! The Wake Weekly has talked with the Mayor and Town Manager, and done another article today! Apparently the Mayor seems intrigued by the idea, and has made some comments which lead me to believe she's open to it. BUT - Since it is an ordianance change, they are required to have a public hearing on the subject, and I have no idea when that will be. The issue is on the agenda for the commissioners meeting on Tuesday, August 19, at 7pm, and I had been told I would have 5 minutes to do a presentation. I have been working on it all week... and practicing with my 'speaking voice'. I still haven't seen the agenda for the meeting - so I called Town Hall today to inquire about it. I spoke with the Town Clerk, who informed me that the issue is item 70? or maybe 17? Yikes! And I will not be speaking on the issue after all... the commissioners will discuss it though, and decide about having a public hearing. The Town Clerk did recomend that I be there (duh) in case they want to ask me any questions. I've already (last night - before learning all of this) sent out an email asking for local supporters to come to the meeting to show their support... I hope they won't be mad if I'm not speaking! ARGGGG!

Link: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/WakeForestChickens

Updated 10-5-08 : We did it - and today I brought home my first chickens! They're all pullets 5-6 weeks old, from Gregory Poultry. Jay at Gregory Poultry is SO nice and accomodating too! We actually drove to Winston Salem and met him there to get the chicks since they would be there the day we wanted to get some! We got 2 Buff Orpingtons, 2 Ameraucanas, 1 Rhode Island Red, and 1 Barred Rock. So far the Barred Rock ("Betty") has been the friendliest of the bunch, although the Buffs are warming up to us. Right now we're keeping them in a Chicken Ark, the design is loosly based on the Catawba Coop (http://affiliate.catawbacoops.com/pages/128.php) I will add pix soon!

1/16/09 - Check out my blog for updates on my chicas - lots of photos and new pictures of my first eggs!!! Woo Hoo!! Em And the Gang Blog - www.emandthegang.blogspot.com