I'm a brand new member on BYC and this will be my first time raising chickens, though my partner has lots of experience. We are building everything from scratch in our small urban backyard in Oakland, CA. We are renters and are grateful that our landlords are allowing us to have chickens! But for that reason we are limited to what alterations we can make to existing structures. We chose to utilize some wasted space behind a large shed, with the coop excessible from one end of the "ell" and the run entrance on the other end.
Here's a picture of the coop so far. It's made out of 98% recycled and reclaimed materials. My favorite part is the roll-away door!

Here's the entrance to the run, which extends around the back of the shed and connects to the coop.

Here's a bird's eye view to give you a better idea of the entire space. You can see me installing the fencing inside the run, and our chicken-friendly gaurd dog Emmett keeping an eye on things.