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Emmaks Member Page

By emmak, Jan 11, 2012 | |
  1. emmak
    Welcome to our Henhouse

    We built our henhouse in March, 2010. We have a seating area to sit outside in the morning, afternoon or evening and enjoy a beverage while watching the chickens. We also sit here while they freerange in the yard. We live in N. Central Texas where it gets VERY HOT, so we have a wonderful misting system that covers both us and the chickens. It lowers our temps by at least 10-15 degrees.

    This is the view from the side. We added this part when we got some chicks this spring 2011. We have now opened up the screen wall between the two and the hens and the pullets are establishing their new pecking order. We're going to put in a door between them so that we can use it as a brooder pen again in the future.

    Berta (New Hampshire Red) and Alice (Rhode Island Red)

    Our new girls, born in March. Carter (EE) and Lisa (BR) They're true girl friends.

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