We raise bearded silkies in a buff, partridge, porcelain, lavendar, BBS and white. Our farm also has Nubian goats, Boer goats, LGDs, Arabian horses, Sebastopol geese and OEGBs in wheaten, blue wheaten and spangled. Eggs, chicks, goslings and kids are available throughout the season. LGDs may be available in 2012. All foals being kept at this time.
My family also does hand knit and crochet items for sale.
Scarves: We have an amazing variety of types and colors available. Scarves generally run $20 and up. PM for specifics.
Our newest thing to add is embroidery items. They are perfect for your farm name on the pocket of your shirt, back of a jacket, purse, etc. We have a variety of chicken images and of course are not limited to just chickens. You name it and we can probably embroidery on it.