In 2006 my youngest son left for college. After 27 years of having my sons around I was lost and needed a hobby to fill my time and my “empty nest”. It all started innocently enough - a few hatchery chicks. They had to have somewhere to live, so I "remodeld" a shed, a dairy parlor and the barn where my sons had their 4-H calves. Then I thought it would be great to try raising my own chicks. The rest is history...I now have 3 incubators, 10 pens and over 100+ in my flock. I’m hooked and loving every minute of it.
I raise Heritage Rhode Island Reds (rosecomb and single comb) blue/black ameracaunas and cuckoo marans. This year I'm going to venture out and try hatching my own sex links chicks.
RIR Rosecomb

Blue/Black Ameracaunas

My two Great Pyrenees – Kinzi and Captain Sully.