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  1. emvickrey
    I'm currently working on adding new stuff

    Swap Page

    Silkie and or Sizzle eggs

    6+ eggs (all of either or both, your choice)

    Eggs only available for swap if offered in thread.​

    Sizzles are mixed color. There are smooth silver laced grey sizzle, partridge frizzled silkie, black sizzle, white sizzle, blue sizzle, splash sizzle pullet and black sizzle pullet with a White Silkie roo. The White hen and white roo have a few black feathers. The partridge sizzle hen and splash pullet won first place in a show they where in this year. Also the black sizzle hen won first place and the white sizzle hen got 2nd in the show they where in also this year (2013).

    No Name White Silkie roo Elvis Black Sizzle Hen Pricilla White Sizzle Hen
    Elvis Pricilla


    Goldie Partridge Frizzled Silkie hen Partridge Hen

    Moe Blue Sizzle Hen No Name yet Black Sizzle Pullet Squeeker Splash Sizzle Pullet

    Some of their Babies hatched this summer (2013)​
    I got 2 Silver Frizzled Silkies Blue sizzle and Calico sizzle White Sizzle and the same Calico Sizzle

    White Sizzle that I am keeping to add to my breeding pen after I show her a few times. The last pic is of them as chicks. I have more right now and the chicks from the partridge hen have all turned out to be Frizzled Silkies which can be shown as Frizzled Silkies.
    This pullet belongs to jnjmanning. She was hatched from
    my Sizzle eggs. I do have permission to use this photo
    Splash Bearded SQ Silkies
    Princess Splash SQ Silkie Pullet and her first blue ribbon




    Other stuff pick whatever you feel is fair.



    Single swap item
    White Iris Tubers. 3 large tubers or 5 small tubers. These are the large bearded iris
    (I need to thin this bed down)​


    3 Blue and white Iris tubors Not sure of the name of these but they are

    These have several names Naked Ladies is one of them
    You will get 5 bulbs. These start out as green foliage in
    the spring. That dies off and the flowers emerge in the
    summer. They also multiply every year.

    Side Swap items I would like

    Goats Milk Soaps

    Boys football and baseball gear like baseballs, footballs, batting gloves, cleats baseball helmet, gear bag etc
    Mens carpenter jeans size 34 x 30
    Printer ink Cannon 40 black and 41 color
    Live bird shipping boxes
    Chick shipping boxes
    Chicken water nipples and water cups that screw into a PVC pipe
    Chicken/rooster themed items
    Men's cloths size L
    Womens crocs shoes size 10
    Incubator part such as heating elements, thermostats, fans
    Outside plants, starts or tubers

    • Wisteria
    • Lilac
    • Elephant Ears
    • Cannas
    • Iris
    • Rose
    • Peony

    Eggs that I would do a side trade for

    Show quality only, preferably from show stock
    Porcelain bearded silkie SQ
    Lavender bearded silkie SQ
    Paint bearded silkie SQ (white with black spots)
    Buff bearded SQ

    Swaps I Owe

    Swaps Owed to Me

    Thank You For Looking

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  1. emvickrey
    I would like some starts. Most of my hens are broody right now but I an still getting some eggs. Who is laying right now are silver partridge, splash and sizzles. 2 in each pen are laying. I also have a pair of silver sebrights that I'm still getting eggs from. Just one a day from those so I can't do many of those. Just can do 6 silkie eggs till they pick up laying again.
  2. Double Kindness
    hmmmm, bf not here to object, have dresser in garage for bantam coop, enough landscape cloth etc for bantam/silkie enclosed run from egg laying run...1 polish in a mix of ameracuanas/easter eggers/1 rose comb leghorn. silkies!! yes, please.

    I have an established 7+ year old double wisteria tree I can take a good cutting of and root it if you're still interested, and endless summer hydrengeas.. well lots of stuffs.
  3. emvickrey
    I have some up on the crazy 24 hr auction thread. I'm leaving them up till today. So far somebody has bid on the splash eggs but I still have the black silkie eggs.
  4. morgan36
    How much do you sell your silkie hatching eggs for
  5. silkymom1986
    Man I wish I had seen those door knobs before, I just had to buy 2 new sets just this weekend! lol Oh well.

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