Hey, my name is Emily. 'Em for short. I'm eighteen and will probably be signing with Wichita State University for cross country and track after graduating this year. I dunno what I want to major in yet? Art or Zoology? ahaa I love animals.... I have two Boston Terriers "Patty" (13), and "Winston" (8). Two hedgehogs "Nutmeg" and "Halwyn". A Desert Tortoise "Rocky". A Crested Gecko "Nash" (named after the little Nash Rambler car). Two Parakeets "Boom" and "Pow". A Khaki Campbell "Goose" (she has identity problems, thinks she is a chicken and her name is Goose). Three Polish hens "Bonnie", "Sydney", and "Eliose". A Silkie hen "Riley". Silkie rooster "Jasper". Two Easter Egger's who I just bought and I don't even know the sex's yet so they haven't been named. Oh and a Betta fish he thinks he's tough stuff and his name is "Rafiel: :) .... I love reading... can't wait for the last Eragon book to come out... running.... art.