hrhrHello out there. Eray from southern West Virginia here. I don't know ANYTHING about chat and very little about how to work this computer. I did manage to find this website so I must be doing something right. We live on an 86 acre farm. The chickens have access to all the free range they can handle. the up side is that I can go out mornings and sit & drink my coffee while starting the day watching the flock get wound up. The chickens eat what want from nature and get all the exercise they want. If they're crowded it's because they choose to be. The down side is that they also have access to all those wonderful hidden spots they like to use for nesting. There's also the predator issue. This really isn't as much of an issue now as it was. Something about a 75 lb dog and a 12 gauge seems to deter them. There is a coup, but in all honesty it isn't big enough or predator proof. The adult flock now numbers 37. 33 chicks less than a month old, 6 eggs in the incubator, & 30 more eggs underneath 3 different hens. We have variety. I'm not even going to try to guess how many of any breed but there are Golden Comets, Barred Rocks, Silver Wyandottes, Gold Wyandottes, Rhode Island Red, New Hampshire Red, White Cornish, 1 Black Tailed White Japanese rooster, Black Giants, Red Sex Link, Black Sex Link, Easter Eggers, and mixes of who knows what. Don't want count the 4 ducks recently purchased, but they're here.