I currently have 2 Black Giant X NH hens; Port and Starboard, nearly identical except for their comb flop. Their brother is Rusty one of 4 Roos penned seperately, 2 Black Giant Pullets with 2 Black Giant cockerals, and 3 New Hampshire hens. (11/22/08). Also 9 Delaware x Cornish chicks hatched (11/8/08).
Dusty looking for a meal. (Black Brahma Bantam hen.) I miss her.

Two hens neck deep in a wallow under a shade tree.

Three roos (Black Brahma Bantams) Picture taken from the hen side of the coop. There is a basement too, roo on right is just about to jump down. A roo is on upper perch looking out the window. Only his feet are visable. A fourth roo is in the basement, out of the picture. I have since moved the water can upstairs. They kept filling it with litter.

This is Rusty my NH roo X Black Jersey Giant hen Cross.

Me and my chicken coop. Chicken tractor in forground.