Everything You Nedd To Know About BYC

By ilovemysilkie · Nov 10, 2013 · Updated Nov 11, 2013 · ·
  1. ilovemysilkie

    Are you new to this site? Or are you just wondering about everything you can do on BYC? Well let me explain it to you!
    BYC Is a wonderful site with so many things to do! If you look at the top of the page where it says "Forum" Put your cursor over it,and you will see all the wonderful things,like Contests,Learning,Games,RPs,Hobbies,And so many other things! Here on BYC You can Chat And meet other crazy chicken loving people! There are so many games and Rps you can join! BYC Is by far the best site in he world! Also you can check out BackYardHerds.com BackYard Chickens Sister Site!
    If you go to the home page and scroll down,you can see who's online,how many members there are,who's the top poster,what's the top thread,And links to a bunch of cool sites! Need help with a sick or hurt chicken? Need help figuring out the gender of your chicken? Want to play some awesome games? Want to RP? Want to join some contests to win some cool prizes? Want to buy/sell/trade? BYC has it all! And always Remember the BYC rules! Thank you for reading and I hope I helped!


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  1. ChicknsRock
    @rebelcowboysnb and @ilovemysilkie , I think that BYC was founded by one owner and then they shut it down and then Nifty-Chicken re-opened it. I know Nifty is the administrator of both websites. :) Nice article!
  2. iluvorpingtons
    This needs to be finished but I bet it will help all the new players a lot!
  3. ilovemysilkie
    What do you mean?
  4. rebelcowboysnb
    Same current owner but BYC was starteed by someone else an then sold to the current owner.
  5. ilovemysilkie
    Yup! Thanks! :)
  6. horsefan4life
    This will be really helpful for newbies!
  7. ilovemysilkie
  8. Aaisha
    is byc and byh have the same founder or what?

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