Exciting day in the coop!!!

  1. CusterChknLover
    ok, so I have 8 girls all of which are laying~ some daily some not so regular, none the less A few days ago when collecting eggs I noticed 1 particularly LRG. egg, my thought was hmmmm, maybe my first dbl. yolker!! Sooo anxiously, today I took a pic of the large egg next to a regular sized egg... then to the fry pan I went!%$$# WOHOOOOO, It was indeed my first Dbl. yolker!! Pics attached below!! THEN, this afternoon I went out to collect eggs, and one of my blue cochins was inside in her box! she puffed as to say "do you mind" LOL, so i stayed very still, crouched down and she turned her butt to the door (where i was crouched) and I SAW HER LAY AN EGG, first hand with my own 2 eyes!! Totally made my day, was like watching my gran chicken born, Hahahaha... Ohhhh tis the chicken life! Anyways I couldnt wait to post about it!! My husband is convinced I have seriously gone crazy!!! :)

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