Oct 24 2011

Suddenly it's fall... Maybe I'll see you at Crossroads! Am happy I only live 2 hours away... will head down there on Friday.
Apr 6 2011

Spring is in the air
Mar 17 2011

51g5vheijJL._SL200.jpg buy-from-tan.gif
If you're interested in the Crèvecœur and other French chickens, check out Jean-Claude Périquet's encyclopedic Coqs et Poules: Les Races Françaises (Roosters and Hens: the French breeds), pub. 2006. Sadly, but naturally enough, it is in French. Packed with nice color photos. Dust off that old dictionary you thought you'd never use again!
* Sold by Amazon .ca and .co.fr, but not by Amazon.com, so far.

PS. Cover picture shows a pair of Caumont, a buttercup-combed Norman breed related to the Crèvecœur.
Mar 7 2011

Could spring really be here? It's starting to dry out, and one of my youngest Crèvecœurs laid an egg.
Jan 10 2011

How long did that last.
Dec 30 2010

It's a thaw! The birds are ecstatic.
Dec 25 2010

Merry Christmas!
Dec 23 2010

It was supposed to get warmer today, but so far it's still very crunchy underfoot. The sun has come out, making it at least cheerful. I got all the Xmas decorations up on the house yesterday, so things are starting to look festive... Starting a real blog today.
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I'm located in Indiana, where I raise several heritage breeds including Crèvecœurs and Buckeyes, and fulminate about irresponsible poultry breeding practices.
I have no Crèvecœur hatching eggs for sale at present (October) - it seems everyone is moulting. My Crèvs are a mixture of Urch and Sandhill lines, my Buckeyes a mixture of Pisapia and ALBC. I do have a few birds for sale or adoption, please inquire for photos.
This includes several pairs (rooster and pullet) of crested mutts, part Silkie and part Mottled Houdan; a range of personalities from total sissy to assertive. Mostly blue, with some Silkie in their background, some very cool+unusual comb shapes. All these are $5 / bird to a good home.

An example, named Candystripe.
With some luck, a website will be coming soon. I've got to update this page more often!!