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All I need to know in Life I learned from my Hens
by Michaele Oleson

Wake up early,stay busy,
rest when you need to,
But always stay alert.

Visit your favorite places
each day.
Scratch out a living.

Routine is good.
Plump is good.
Don't ponder your purpose in life
your brain is too small.

Accept the pecking order and
know your enemies.
Weed your garden.

Protect your children fiercely
sit on them if you need to.
Take them for walks,
Show them the little things and
talk constantly.

Make a nice nest.
Share it with friends.
Brag on your accomplishments.

Don't count your chicks
before they hatch.
Protect your nest egg.
Test your wings once in a while.

Squawk when necessary.
As you age, demand respect.
Leave a little something for
those who care about you.

Chase butterflies.



The top picture is of MR. He was my oldest Roo. (RIP Feb 2007). He and his old gal Foghorn (below) were my first "yard Chickens". They were the only 2 that I could just let out to roam and they would "mostly" stay right in the yard. Foghorn passed away a few months after MR. in April 2007.​
My sweetie Foghorn. She did so adore scratching my flowers out of the beds and sneaking around to eat the cherries off the bushes while MR. kept guard for her around the corner of the house. She always made up for her mischief by laying me an enormous white and wrinkly egg every day! She had a bumm foot, but it never pained her. She was the cutest thing hobbling along while MR. watched over her. My odd couple :) This summer hasn't been the same without them!
You can see photos of my current flock on my blog: http://ahensnest.com/category/hens-life/chicken-coop