Enter at your own risk, Rooster on Guard.. Janinthemorningwithbunnyhouseshoes.jpg

† Hi there, and welcome. andcloseyoureyesandsmileatleastonce.jpg

It is so cool that you stopped in to check out my words. Drop me a note anytime.. I love animals of all kinds. I am the wife of my wonderful husband and best friend of 37 years. I am Mom to 3 Dog-kids, 2 cats, Geese, Goats, Ducks, and lots of lovely Chickens. And some not so lovely.. Gotta love em.. I am a Prayer Warrior. If ya need a prayer, Drop me a line..

God bless you and yours,

Faith and Feather`s Farm
Kemp Tx. 75143

What is a nice Chick like you doing in a place like this?
Did I hear the rattle of the feed bag? I know I did...

Is that Mom I hear? Yes, I tell ya it IS Mom..
Easter Egger Land.. But Shhhh, don`t tell Blondie boy, He doesn`t know he is a Buff Orpington.


This is MY dust bath, all mine.. All Mine....Muahhh Haa haa!!!