[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]last night i had to go out and shut the porch lite of because bigdaddy was crowing really loudly and i didn't want him to wake the neighbors, so later that night around 12:30pm my husbarend was coming home late from workand i hear him scream {like a girl
}.so i run out.and apparently i hadn't locked the chicken cage[we keep them on an enclosed porch so there feet will be warm, cause their little feet get so cold).the chickens were out and sleeping in the dark stairwell in front of the door. my husband had recently stepped on a tiny kitten, in the dark. ending it's life tragically (this was very tramatic for him) so when he came down the steppes in the dark feeling something under his foot and hearing the chicken come quick i think i killed little bitty!!
but apon closer inspection, bitty had proved to be to quick and was just fine