Boothcreek Ranch
My name is Anna and I live on a 160 acres farm in the Beautiful Rockie Mountains of British Columbia, Canada.
I moved here from Germany in 2002(I was 14) and after being chicken-less for about 4 months(we kept a flock of heritage Australorps since I could remember back in Germany) we finally got some laying hens, and a year later I discovered the amazing world of purebred poultry!!
Now I keep a variety of Fowl/Birds. Here is what I am keeping at the moment:
LF Leghorns - Black, Exchequer, Silver, BBRed, Blue Breasted Red, Red Pyle and Red
LF Wyandottes - Blue Laced Red
LF Malay - BBRed
LF Kraienkoppes - BBRed
LF Phoenix - Silver
LF Ameraucanas - Blue, Black, Splash
Bantam Old English Games - Dun, Black,
Merriams Wild
Muscovies - Black, Chocolate
Dewlap Africans - Brown

Chinese - White
Australian Spotted Ducks - Green and Blue Headed
Indian Blue Pied + Black Shoulder
Coturnix - Wild Type and Blue Wild type

Thueringer Wing Pigeons - Solid Wing Blue
Homing Pigeon - Opals, Reduced, Bronze, Indigos, Creams and many other unusual colours

Other Birds
Masked Lovebirds

Other animals we Breed:
Shagya Arabians
Dexter Cattle
Flemish Giant Rabbits

Soon to come American Black Bellied Sheep!