2 new hampshire reds : lillian;yoki

2 rhode island reds: henrietta;miss sue

5 brhama bantams: addieline;martha;sherry;annie;dehlila

3 wyandotte bantams: kiki;mini;queen

1 mean welsummer rooster;jhon henry

today we had 2 eggs one from henrietta

and one from an unknown bantam.

we are new to raising chickens and we didi not know we needed nesting boxes so we have 0.

but the hens seem to like what they have some lay eggs under the coop , some in the yard and some in a little corner with a board in front of it. whats funny is that some of the hens share the corner to lay the eggs and that is where the brahmas sleep and the wyandotte's roost on the board in front of the corner. we were impressed with how handy it was. so we still go on with no boxes but hey found my 2 eggs there today.