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Fat Daddys Member Page

By Fat Daddy · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Fat Daddy
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    Well, Im Bill and I dont really know what to put here. Or who the hell would care what I put here for that matter!! But , I'm 49, I live in Oskaloosa KS. A really small town, up in the north east corner of the state. I havent raised chickens since I was a child but I'v had game birds off and on for 25 years. Quail have intrigued me so Im raising alot of them now. Coturnix and bobs now, think'in of turkeys and chukars too. Just have to work out pen space... My lovely bride of 27 years wants some large, pretty, yard birds that wont hurt the grand kids, hence the turkeys....
    I dont remember who it was on the quail board that said "I have A.D.D., next year at this time, I could be building a space shuttle launch pad in my back yard" Aprofit maybe, but it reminds me of me... I tend to get really wrapped up in a hobbie then interest dies off and it becomes "something I used to do". I hope this is not the case with the quail. But because of this, I have got into a lot of really cool hobbies...
    I have always been into cars and motors. Being a 70's child, I grew up with all the muscle cars. When I was in high school, the gas crunch set in and you couldnt give away a hot rod. This made all the really cool cars of the day, just another cheap gas hog. Man I was hooked. About 14 years ago I found a 68 chevelle and made a rat rod out of it. It was a original SS and still had the muncie 4 speed but the 396 Big block was long gone. I built a 454 for it, punched it out .060 and set it up with dual 4 barrels. MAN is it a carnival ride. Course the local kids dont know what a muscle car is. They all thought there 5.0 mustangs were gonna run with it... It has only been beat once, that was a 69 mach 1 with a 428 cobra jet, it was built too. My bride and I still do a car show once or twice a year....
    Motorcycles have always been a interest of mine too. My bride and I have had one most of our married life. About 10 years ago she wanted one of her own. Well this scared me a bit at first, but I bought her a little 400 yamaha. We took it up in the brome hay field behind my house and she made friends with it. After a while, she was confident enough to want to move to roads. Since we live out in the toolies and the only way to get to our house is gravel roads, I figured she should master riding on gravel right off. Now our driveway is 1\2 mile long, and theres no one to worry about running her over so this is where sweet baby learned to ride. It worked out really well. With in a few weeks she took her little 400 down and took her test at the DMV. As it turns out, the 400 was not cool enough for long.(I cant really blame her...) She found a 800 vulcan on ebay that we got a deal on and has been a scooter bum ever since. We took off and ended up in new orleans a few years back, was the best trip we ever took, 10 states in 9 days.... Got a bad sun burn and serious case of monkey butt.... but like I said, was a killer time.
    My friends and I have always drank a little now and again. One day we were sitting the local diner eating lunch and the news was on the TV. They were reporting on the American Royal BBQ contest. The team they were interviewing was clearly hammered and having a BIG time. Needless to say, this struck a chord with my friends and I. We figured we could build a smoker. We could learn to cook BBQ. We were already great at drink'in beer. Hell, we damn near already had a BBQ team and didnt even know it!!! I spent the coming winter building a off-set smoker and alot of time on the BBQforum.com... I learned alot and team members came and went. The only constant ones were my bride and my brother. We cooked 6 -8 contest a year for 4 years and took right at 40 ribbons and trophys. As with anything, it slowly changed. My son went to Iraq, he was part of the team from the begining. Before ya know it folks wanted me to cook for wedd'ins and graduations and such. When ya take the drunk out of cookin BBQ and replace it with profit, the fun goes right out the window. Wasnt long before I sold my cooker and now just cook on the front porch for the same drunks I started with. Come to find out thats where the fun went, Go figure.....
    Be'in who I am, firearms and hunting have always been a part of my life. Used to hunt, catch or trap everything that this part of the state had to offer. As with everything, I tired of it over the years and quit most all hunting but still loved the firearms and shooting. I had tried to get my lovely bride interested in shooting for the last 20+ years with no luck. Well about 4 years ago, I started building extremely accuate, High power rifles. We set up a range here on the farm where we could shoot 100 yd,200 yd, and 300 yd targets. Before you know it my bride was now interested in a rifle of her own. Did'nt hurt that on any givin weekend there would be 6 to 10 folks out here shooting and have a large time. So we built her a sweet little Stainless Steel 223 ackly improved savage with a boyd purple laminate stock. She loved her little gun and it was something else we could do togather, which I loved.... well soon she was able to shoot the little dumb dumb suckers, you know the little candy suckers the DR's office gives to kids, at 100 yds. It became a contest for those who didnt mind be'in out shot by a girl. (I aint proud) I drilled holes in a 2x4 the size of a sucker stick, about 2" apart. We put about 10 suckers in the board and see who can break the most straight without missing, you miss your done. Next guys turn... The most I'v seen broke so far was 4 in a row. This happens all the time but no one has ever hit the 5th straight. Dont know why, but we are in ks and the wind is constant on the farm here, think'in thats it. We also shoot eggs out to 300 yds too. This was fun for a while but after its mastered, the challange is gone. A few years back we started going out west to the other side of the state to shoot prairie dogs. I was kinda worried that sweet baby would have mixed emotions about blowin up cute little teddy bear lookin critters with a high power rifle.... The first time out she sighted one in at about 150 yds, and pulled the trigger. That pdog exploded into a chucky red mist that surprized even me....I looked at my sweet little bride and a chill ran over me. She was making a high pitched giggling sound as she racked in the next round.... We have went out at least twice a year ever since.....
    Well the A.D.D. has kicked in and this aint fun no more, I may add more later if the mood strikes.....Bill

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