Welcome to my first web page---ever!
04/27/11-My birds are doing great! I love my birds, my wife thinks I’m crazy. They currently have the run of the back yard-to my wife’s chagrin. A run and perches are next but I had to get them out of the house. I might have to re-think getting any more. I am not sure what the zoning laws are-not like I really care, but I have 14 birds. Here is my clucker clan: 2 Barred Rock (Eenie and Meenie), 3 Light Sussex(Minie, Moe, and Tiny), 2 Buff Orp (Pip and Peep), 3 Buff Brahma (FireStorm, Picachu, and Pokemon), 2 Naked Neck (Clint and Cliff-two guys with bad hair cuts), 1 Light Brahma (Betty-after my boss), and 1 Araucana (Lucy-and I’m looking to pick up an Ethel).
Here are just a few of my pics! Once I figger out how to get them in here.

Coop in construction-built in panels (tongue and groove cedar) in the little tan building stage right where I make biodiesel. The theme is a double-wide outhouse. The doors will have the requisite crescent moon and a pic of a hen or roo. As outhouses don't typically have windows I cut a 2'x4' sky light in the roof and sheeted with corrugated polycarbonate. I purchased four (4) nipple waterers that should be installed this coming weekend. They will get a run that is almost 300 sq. ft., complete with a chicky jungle gym very soon. Also perches very soon.

Move-In Day! Pine shavings over ground. The bench in the back will become the area for nesting boxes behind another panel.

Checking out the new digs!