Hi all,
I primarily raise chickens but recently I have started to keep ducks and guineas as well. Currently I have Salmon Faverolles, Delawares, Mottled Java, Black Java, White Java, Auburn Java, Blue, Black, Splash, and Buff Orpington, Welsummer, Barnevelder, true rumpless and tufted Araucana, and Blue Rocks. Our newest endeavor has been silkies and we now have over a dozen. We obtained a beautiful SQ Partridge pair, Lavender roo, and two black pullets from several of the top breeders.
My birds are all from private breeders. We do not keep any hatchery stock. We have some outstanding birds we obtained from private breeders who strive for improving the breed. My flock is also tested annually by my state dept of agriculture and have a pullorium and typhoid free flock.

In addition I am working with Black East Indies, Grey Calls, and Mallards.