Feather Brained

By Greyfeathers · Apr 2, 2013 · ·
  1. Greyfeathers
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    I think i'll tell some short stories of my experiences with wildlife rehab, mostly birds while moving through out the south. Every single one of them had such an impact on not only me but my husband and the other ones in our little flock as well. Although our flock has greatly diminished from the one time busyness of rehabbing several dozen birds over the spring/summer times and since we both are now disabled. I'm unable to take on the many many birds that I used to care for. I have two African Grey parrots, one I hand raised and the other was not so much a rescue as an addoption. I'll continue this later.

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  1. Greyfeathers
    When I said "later", wasn't thinking it would be YEARS.

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