Wow, newbie feeling. Alright. Well, I'll just say that I'm FeatheredFeline, or Feather if you don't feel like typig out that whole name (I don't blame you) and I've been meaning to sign up here for some time and just haven't done it. Now that I have I think It's a good thing since having some help with my chickenies would fantastic. Just a warning, I'm a chicken-enthusiastic teen with a good knowledge base but lots to learn. I'm also chatty so watch out! My chickens are a mixed bag of breeds. I'll just introduce them...
The Hens:
Sunny - The queen hen and the Buff Orpington.
Biff - The grouchy Cochin.
Fae - The trouble maker and Speckled Sussex.
Atsuko - The shy, friendly little Speckled Sussex.
Ghost - The paranoid Leghorn.
Leopard - The silly Americana.
Lark - The mellow, chatty Welsummer.
Amara - The quiet Glod Laced Wyandotte.

The Roosters:
Curry - My lovely, if a bit dim, Gold Laced Wyandotte rooster.
Salt - Dumbcluck #1 and the Splash Silkie.
Pepper - Dumbcluck #2 and the gray/black Silkie.

My flock there, we'll be adding to it this spring hopefully. I raised the Sussex and the Wyandottes, the rest we got from a friend of ours who couldn't keep 'em. Now they live in a fortress in our backyard.Here are a few pictures.
This is Leopard, the Americana hen.


Our queen hen, Sunny the Orpington, looking for treats.

Salt & Pepper the two Silkie roosters. Both looking a little ratty in this shot.

That's all the pictures I have of these guys and they're a few months old. I'm trying to document both them and their coop (Which we're expanding) just took keep my own sanity, but we all know how that goes. You start with a few chickens and you have more then enough by the end of the year.