Hello to all. This is my first attempt at a homemade incubator. As with many other homemade versions, I used the
common parts. Hot water heater thermostat, bottle lamp kit, small pc fan, automatic egg turner, etc.
The windows are the glass out of two old picture frames. The hole that is stopped up with the piece of green sponge is
the water fill tube. the other hole is a syringe holder with removable cap. There is one on the right and left sides as well.
Here you can see the vent hole is also the adjustment hole for the thermostat.
40 watt bulb, thermostat, and small pc fan. I tried the larger fan, but the humidity was all over the place and I could
not get it stable. It was alot louder, also. When I changed to the small one, I could control it. I also used the tip given
in the 7-11 hatch-a-bator about drilling 3 small holes in the housing of the thermostat. This works GREAT!!
Still tweeking, but not bad.
This shows the jar of water that is full with a slice of the sponge sticking out of the top acting as a wick. In the next
couple of days I will try to slowly over fill the jar so water will spill over onto the sponge and raise the humidity level.
This shows the turner, the heat sink jars full of water(2) and a hatching tray above the turner.
I hope to be putting some ring teal eggs in soon, and then some BLRW.