Feed-sack Fencing

By BinaryChicken · May 23, 2013 · ·
  1. BinaryChicken
    For a long time I had wanted some movable temporary fencing that I could move around the yard and have the chickens in so that they could get greens. I decided to use the old feed sacks from my hens and just some cheap wooden beams. I made a frame out of the beams and used a staple gun to attach the feed sacks. My fencing leaves a lot to be desired, but one could easily improve it by just putting in a couple more staples and longer stakes. I then just nailed in two small stakes at either end to support it, it is surprisingly stable. As one can see, it is not very high, but one could easily make a larger frame and a two feed-sack high fence.

    The fencing staked in, as you can see, my set up is a little sloppy, but that can easily be changed.


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Recent User Reviews

  1. ronott1
    "Chickens would eat the strings"
    1/5, 1 out of 5, reviewed Aug 31, 2018
  2. karenerwin
    "You could put a top on for safety"
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Jul 30, 2018
    That is an interesting use of your old feed sacks. I have a bunch of them sitting around as our recycle place does not take them. You could make your set up a lot safer just by adding a roof of some type. Even chicken wire would make it safer than leaving it open! And I am NOT a proponent of using chicken wire! Hardware cloth would be even better.
    I like how you suggest ways to improve in your article, like when you suggest making it 2 sacks tall.
  3. Anonymous
    "Not for Full Grown Birds"
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Jul 23, 2018
    I could see how this type of fencing might work for chicks but can't see how this would keep full grown birds within. Mine would easily go right over the top of the feed sacks. Also, it doesn't appear sturdy enough to keep a dog or other predator from getting to the birds.


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  1. BinaryChicken
    Hmm, I didn't have PVC, and this was a 30 minute job, but good idea!
  2. judyki2004
    good solution! But I love pvc, so i would make a square frame out of pvc, then fix the sacks with plastic straps...very light and would last a lifetime

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