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Ffachicken2012s Member Page

  1. ffachicken2012
    I live in Ohio i have 6 call ducks and 18 chickens 12 Rhode Island Reds, 4 Barred rocks, 2 Light brahmas, and 2 American Easter egg hens according to the place i bought them from I am not to sure what kind they are yet. I am new to the whole Chicken and duck thing but i have raised and breed rabbits for about 4 years. My coop is in the back of our barn there was already a doggy door so we built around that it is an indoor outdoor coop they have access to the outside or the inside at any time the chickens and call ducks are together in the coop the ducks spend alot of there time outside in the little pool I have for them. The coop is perfect size for the chickens and ducks. I am also new to this website. check back for any updates. [​IMG] I also have 2 dogs a ball python 3 indoor outdoor cats and a lot of barn cats. [​IMG]check back [​IMG]

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